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The Perfect Fit for Those Looking To Move and Feel Better After Stroke, Parkinson’s or Fear of Falls

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Are you worried about Mom or Dad falling or losing their independence?

Are you not ready to give up a more active lifestyle after a Parkison’s diagnosis and wanting to regain lost movement?

Does mom or dad feel stuck after months or years of stroke recovery?  Perhaps their gait is still lacking stability or the arm is not able to assist with daily tasks.

We get it!!

What a relief to know a loved one is working weekly with a highly trained professional on staying strong and balance.

A fall can mean so many things like loss of confidence and more time that you need to spend caring for them.

A fall can also be life changing.

Get the help you need today delivered to your parent’s own home.  Get peace of mind and a real solution!

We offer skilled physical therapy outpatient services for Medicare Part B and more importantly we also offer self pay wellness to maintain the happiness and the freedom of optimal independence!

Prize Physical Therapy
Stroke Recovery Program

We take the stroke survivor on when insurance has ended and there is so much more that you want to do!  Personalized and individualized approach for specific stroke exercises targeting the specific goals of the survivor!

Want to use that hand to do home activities?

Want to be able to travel and enjoy precious experiences with friends and family beyond the four walls of home?

Prize Physical Therapy is Your Partner!

We encourage our clients to believe in themselves and the recovery that can still occur after brain injury. 

Karen Malone

Our Motto:

You are a Stroke Warrior at whatever stage of recovery you are today!

Parkinson’s Recovery

Prize Physical Therapy
Parkinson’s Recovery

Parkinson’s is progressive but so can your exercises be progressive!  Keep the brain trained and challenged to maintain a healthy lifestyle!

It takes the right kind of exercise to improve gait and keep hand and fingers nimble.

Our physical therapist is PWR Motion certified!  That means we can offer the right kind of challenges.  Get the feet stepping safely again.  Engage in physical activity that you enjoy!

Prize Physical Therapy Telehealth

Do you live outside of our service area?

Did you know that there are many problems that can be addressed on a video call?

Back pain, arm or hand pain, and even education for fall prevention strategies and exercises to stay strong!

Much of what we find for some active older adults is getting the accountability and professional advice to keep doing the things that will make a big difference in staying strong and balanced!

Let’s see if Telehealth is right for you!

We Are Easy To Talk With!! So Give Us A Call!!


Call us today for free phone consultation and let us know your story!  We want to hear all the details of what struggles you or your loved one is having today!

We would love to be a good fit for helping you accomplish the things you want to do!